I’ve included a few websites on this page that I’ve done recently, along with a short description of the project.

Woodcrest Farm Website

The website for Woodcrest Farm was created to serve as the online presence for this family-owned farm in Pennsylvania. The client wanted a clean and simple layout that captured the essence of their business and made their farm an attractive place from which to purchase their offerings. I am proud to say that the website, once released to the Internet, almost immediately began generating leads.

I created this website project for Manic Metallic, a fashion publication “that aims, first and foremost, to critique fashion as an art and respect it as a discipline.” The idea here was to remove distractions from the website so that readers would be able to concentrate only on the fashion critiques being presented. Black and white were chosen as the sole colors because: 1) these colors are known for being the fashion industry standard for online media/publications, and 2) they are known for being timeless and elegant.