Professional Work

I have listed out different aspects of my career in the three tabs listed under the Professional Work drop-down menu.

The first tab lists different products, documents, and articles that I have completed. I nested an additional tab within this one titled “Writing” to display the writing pieces that I’ve completed.

There is also a section within the first tab listing personal projects that I have done. All of these are linked.

The second tab lists each major position that I’ve had over the past 7 years. Under each position, I listed the following:

  • Position Title
  • Company [with links to each company’s web page to learn more about them]
  • Dates That I Worked At The Company
  • Skills Learned
  • Lessons Learned

The third (and final) tab has two resumes available for viewing and downloading. The first resume is my ‘day career’ resume, and the second is my ‘modeling’ resume. Both are included because together, they offer a complete look at what I’ve been doing professionally for the better part of a decade. Just as I have learned a wealth of skills in my ‘day career’ resume, I have equally learned tons while modeling.

Hope this explains a bit about the Professional tab layout!