Previous Positions

Mindmatrix logo

Title: Marketing and Sales Enablement Consultant
Company: Mindmatrix
Dates: 01/09/2018-11/30/2018
Skills Learned: Webinar creation; principles of inbound marketing; building an SEO strategy; structuring email & social drip campaigns; lead generation strategies (through brainstorming with my clients); managing multiple clients concurrently
Lessons Learned: Clear and consistent communication always wins; LinkedIn is an extremely underutilized tool by most everyone, and I learned some of the most effective ways to make use of the platform for myself and my clients

Sprint Corporation logo

Title: Sales Consultant
Company: Sprint Corporation
Dates: 07/2015-09/2016
Skills Learned: Consultative selling; conflict management; meeting sales quotas; basic troubleshooting of technology
Lessons Learned: Know your product inside out; believe in your product or your clients have no reason to buy into it (that’s why I was successful); go the extra mile for your clients – it’s worth it

Public Allies Pittsburgh logo

Title: Public Allies member
Company:  Public Allies Pittsburgh, an AmeriCorps program
Dates: 09/2013-09/2014
Skills Learned: The power of community; how to be an effective leader, based on my leadership style; how to identify community assets based on multiple categories (individuals, institutions, etc); database management; event planning
Lessons Learned: Collaboration is a much more powerful way to accomplish both personal and collective goals than doing everything singlehandedly; there is no shame in asking for help

Title: KEYS Service Corps member
Company: KEYS Service Corps, an AmeriCorps program
Dates: 10/2012-08/2013
Skills Learned: How to be a mentor/tutor to teens; building curriculums; event planning; how to prepare youth for the future; managing service projects
Lessons Learned: Children really like me! If you have excellent listening skills and are genuinely compassionate, it makes it easier for youth to trust you; youth like to feel valued just like anyone else, and will love both you and themselves if you help them to see their intrinsic value