Personal Interests

The Personal Interests drop-down menu is divided into five sections:

1. Things that I’m currently learning
2. What a few of my life philosophies are
3. A few of my favorite books
4. Places to which I’ve traveled
5. Volunteer work that I’ve done

In order for you to fully get to know me as a potential collaborator, I wanted to include some of my interests. I am a strong believer that, while it isn’t necessary to be complete best friends, one should probably have a more well-rounded knowledge of employees, coworkers, and professional partners. As my LinkedIn profile says, “We are human beings, and we thrive off of bonds and connection. I strive to bring both my professional expertise and my ability to care to any business relationship that I am building with anyone.”

Traveling, books, learning new things, and discussing tenets by which I like to live are great ways to have a conversation with me!