Marketing Spec Work


Chanel No 5 Mood Board

The idea behind [what would be] this online video ad for Chanel No 5 is to take a storied perfume brand and inject new life into it. Chanel No 5 is seen as a classically elegant fragrance, but doesn’t have as much appeal to a younger audience. Chanel, up until recently, had not used many non-Caucasian models in branding.

The advertisement – as evidenced in this mood board – would take a model of color and place her into the Chanel No 5 world. She’s still elegant, still timelessly beautiful – but this video ad would appeal to a broad and modern audience. The ad would use Frank Sinatra music to create the correct atmosphere, and would end with the words “Chanel No 5” spoken in a soft French voice.

Note: High fashion ads typically depend on imagery and music, so there is usually minimal scripting.

The idea behind [what would be] this online video ad for Doc Martens is one of inclusion. With many major world powers moving in a nationalistic direction (Brexit, the current US presidential administration, etc), a brand such as Doc Martens is uniquely positioned to take a stand against xenophobia and unite all people.

Doc Martens were originally made for the working class of England and has since expanded its reach to people everywhere that want to make a statement. The statement of this online video ad would be “Doc Martens are for everyone.” The ad would show people of all different backgrounds going about their daily lives and it would say “Doc Martens are for everyone” as it transitioned from one person to the next.