Civic & Nonprofit


Mayor-elect Bill Peduto opened up his transition team to citizens of Pittsburgh to participate on different committees. I decided to participate on the Economic Development committee, Regional Marketing subcommittee. My team members and I came up with a comprehensive list of recommendations for the (now current) mayor to undertake upon his entrance to the Mayor’s office.

KEYS Service Corps

Picture #1: I made a curriculum for students to think about their futures innovatively
Picture #2: I planned the students’ Workforce Development graduation ceremony. Among many activities, I controlled the timeline of events
Picture #3: I taught students the basics of obtaining their license; this is the syllabus
Picture #4: I led teens through the process of creating potential businesses. Here’s the presentation template that I used.
Picture #5: Our students created a portfolio that showcased everything that they completed while with the Workforce Development Program. I created a questionnaire that they all completed, and I created a cover page for each student.