Key Ways To Boost Your Visibility On Social Media

Key Ways To Boost Your Visibility On Social Media

You’ve done everything right: you’ve established accounts on all of the major social media networks, you’re posting every day, and you’re even going through and liking a few posts from other accounts every now and then. But…you’re not seeing results! If you’re working so hard and nothing is happening, why not just give up – right?

Wrong. DEFINITELY wrong.

Consider this: maybe your posts aren’t being seen! Visibility is important when building your brand presence on social media. I’m going to give you nine key ways to boost your visibility on social media.


According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

In simple terms, it is “communicating with your audience via use of content to bring value to said audience“. When you learn how many different types of content that there are out there, you’ll see the high amount of options that you have at your disposal to use to communicate with your social media followers. Content is the vehicle by which you get your message out, so it should be one of the first things that you think about when looking to boost your visibility on social media.


Hashtags are one of the main pieces of currency in the social media world. They can be used on all social media platforms, but are best used on Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags are used to join conversations with others and to connect your post with others of that subject. You don’t want to overuse them, or you could come across as desperate or spammy. You don’t want to use too few or you won’t get the visibility that hashtags give to posts.


Knowing the time that your followers will be online is crucial to getting your post seen. For example, if you post at midnight when your followers are asleep, you likely won’t see very much engagement. On the other hand, if you post on a Tuesday afternoon at midday, you’ll draw in the lunch crowd. Now, timing is both platform and audience-dependent, of course – which leads me to my next point.


You really have to know your audience well to know what will be successful in bringing them into your social media world. Who is your audience/prospective audience? What are their habits? What social media platforms are they most likely to spend time on? What types of content are they likely to respond to when browsing through their feeds?

For example, fashion-conscious women in their 20s would be highly likely to engage with Instagram frequently, while a parent in his/her 40s might take more easily to Facebook. Getting in front of your ideal audience is a must if you want to have visibility online.


Ads are a paid means of gaining visibility with which everyone is familiar. However, there’s that not-so-small issue of it not being free. Well, social media ads are actually surprisingly affordable! Not only that, the platforms typically make ads very easy to create. While paid visibility might not be for everyone, it can be a quick way to boost your content.


While content in general is a great thing, creating native content is even better! What is native content, you ask? It is content that you post to each social media account individually. Some like to share content from their other profiles in order to save time – which is fine every so often – but social media sources look more kindly on users that engage directly with their platform.

For example, tweeting on Twitter & taking a screenshot to post on Instagram won’t be great for your Instagram numbers. Again, it’s fine to do this if you mix it in with a healthy dose of native content, but doing it exclusively would be ineffective in terms of boosting your visibility on social media.


Reddit and Quora might not be the most obvious methods that you’d think of when looking for ways to boost social media visibility, but hear me out. Social forums are actually excellent ways to drive traffic to your social media profiles and website. To get the most out of these forums, be active on them and answer questions that relate to issues on which your brand has a certain level of authority. As you build authority on Quora and Reddit, try to direct users back to your social profiles and website.


Human beings like to interact with other human beings. If you’re posting on social media with no intention of being social, then it is a pointless exercise. Social media can’t simply be used as a place for you to make sales pitches. Your audience wants to know you. They want to know your story. They want to know that you’re not a robot. If you know your audience and can relate to them, they will thank you with engaging with your social media accounts.


Most, if not all, posts that you make should have some sort of call to action. Even if it is something relatively minor like “Tag two friends who need to see this.” or “Click the link in my bio to learn more!”, you have to invite engagement by your audience. Some social media platforms place priority in users’ accounts to accounts that they’ve interacted with frequently in recent days/weeks. Encouraging engagement will help you to remain above the fray of ever-changing social media algorithms.

I am absolutely confident that if you put these nine tips into action, you’ll see fantastic results with audience engagement!

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