How Creating Amazing Content Helps To Keep Your Leads Engaged

How Creating Amazing Content Helps To Keep Your Leads Engaged

There is no doubt that you’ve heard the oft-used marketing catchphrase “Content is king.” But, why is that phrase true? What exactly is “content”, and why is it a “king”? More importantly, how does it help with, say, keeping leads & contacts engaged with your company? Let’s explore those questions below.

What is content?

Content is any vehicle by which you communicate with your audience to bring value to them. The term “content marketing”, then, would be the strategy of consistently using content to reach your audience. There are many forms of content that exist, some of which are:

  • Blogs
  • Lists
  • E-books/E-guides
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • How-To’s
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Checklists/Templates
  • Interviews
  • Social Media Posts
  • GIFs/Memes
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Tip Sheets/Best Practices
  • Q&A’s
  • Testimonials
  • Quizzes

Maybe you’re now thinking, “Ok, that’s fine, but why is it so important?” Well, it’s relevant to both you and your leads & contacts. For you, it helps you to (among other things) boost your credibility in your field and bring value to those either doing business with you or considering it. It helps you to give something to your leads & contacts without necessarily attempting to push a sale on them. This is something that they will appreciate in the long run. Which leads me to…

How does marketing content help your leads to stay engaged with your business for an extended period?

One of those ways connects with the above statement in that your contacts receive value from the content that you put out. For example, if you send out a blog post on “How To Keep Your Information Safe From Hackers”, your contact could benefit from this. Likewise, if you send out a checklist of “Steps To Take To Ensure That Your Servers Are Always Secure”, this can be of direct educational value to leads & contacts.

This segues nicely into my second point, which is that your leads & contacts use content to educate themselves about their pain points. We live in an era where any knowledge that we need can be found with the help of a search engine. If we need to know something, we can look it up on Google or Bing. It would make sense, then, that someone searching for a service provider would research their issue a bit before deciding on someone to help them. If they’re going to look for someone to educate them via online content, why shouldn’t that someone be you? Besides, it will go a long way in establishing trust between your company and your leads & contacts.

That brings me to my last point, which is this: The more information that someone has, the more empowered that they feel to make a decision to solve their problem. If you were providing information to them from the time that they began having an issue, then they will have gotten to a point of trusting in your expertise. They will see you as a leader that knows what (s)he is talking about and, therefore, will deem you worthy of their business.

Given all of the above ways in which marketing content helps leads and contacts to stay engaged with your business for long periods of time, it’s clear why content is, indeed, a “king”. It’s not realistic in the time period in which we currently live to not have a content strategy through which to engage your prospects and current clients. People demand an online presence from any prospective service provider. People demand information. If you want to be seen as their go-to person for solutions and, by extension, for their business, then you’d do well to accommodate their desire for content.         

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