How To Get Followers To Your LinkedIn Company Page

How To Get Followers To Your Linkedin Company Page

LinkedIn has become an increasingly important part of the marketing strategy for companies in recent years. The first step to accessing the benefits of LinkedIn is getting more followers. This article will show you how to do just that.

Make it as easy as possible for your company to be followed.

The more uncomplicated it is for your company to be followed, the higher the amount of followers that you will gain. You can make it easier by doing the following:

  • Place the ‘Follow’ button or a link everywhere that it is possible to do so. Examples of places to locate the button include your email footer, your website, the end of your blog posts, and your newsletter.
  • Ask your employees to place a link to your LinkedIn page in their email signatures.

Have your employees create LinkedIn profiles, if they do not already have them. Ask them to engage with company posts.

When your employees list your company as their current place of employment, their profile automatically follows the company profile. When they engage with your company posts, it will expose their network to your company. This will result in increased visibility, and will make it more likely that you will gain more followers.

Make sure that your company logo and company info are up to date.

It will make your efforts to gain more followers a lot more difficult if your logo and company info are not current. Make sure that your logo is high quality, and that your location and contact information are up to date.

Encourage your clients and prospects to follow your company LinkedIn page.

You have already established a trusting relationship with your clients, and you are aiming to do this with your prospects. Having them both follow your page is a great way to further build those relationships.

Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry, and be sure to engage inside of those groups.

Joining LinkedIn groups is an excellent way to expose your company to large amounts of people that can relate to what you do, and gain more followers in the process. Post updates in order to increase engagement with other group members, and engage with their posts as well.

Advertise on LinkedIn.

Creating advertisements on LinkedIn is a treasure trove of opportunity for finding new prospects and gaining more followers for your company page. For more information on how to create these advertisements, see the following link: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Use your other social media accounts to generate traffic to your company LinkedIn page.

You likely have at least one other form of social media. Why not use it to send your followers on that platform to your LinkedIn page to follow you? If they are following you on other accounts, then it means that they enjoy what you have to say. They are likely to follow you on LinkedIn if they are LinkedIn members.

Employ images, videos, and/or infographics in your company LinkedIn updates.

It is proven that updates with some form of visual will garner higher engagement rates. It makes sense, when you think about it, because human beings are visual creatures. Be sure that it is a quality visual that you post. Posting these high-quality visuals will likely gain you more followers.

Post company job listings on your LinkedIn page.

This is a very easy way to attract job seekers to your page if they find the available position to be of interest to them. When someone applies for a job to your company, there is a “Follow” box that is checked by default when the employee hits the “Submit Application” button on a LinkedIn Easy Apply application.

Place a call-to-action at the end of every LinkedIn update.

Putting a call-to-action at the end of each post is a good way to increase engagement, and will pull in more followers to your LinkedIn page. You could ask readers to sign up for your company newsletter, purchase a product, or simply ask a question to prompt a response in the Comments section. The more engagement that your posts get, the more visibility that it will create for the post. Thus, you will reach a higher number of potential followers.

Post great content!

I saved this last point for the end of this article because nothing else that you do matters if your content is neither interesting nor relevant to your followers. Most people read LinkedIn to consume industry content; this means that you have to fulfill that desire for knowledge that LinkedIn members have. We are in an age where it is difficult to keep the attention of anyone for long spans of time. Give people what they want, and they will reward you by following your company LinkedIn page.

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