My Story

Liberty Gaither

I’m your (not so) typical millennial that wants to change the world through connection with others. My career path up to this point has proven as much.

I currently choose to express my desire to have an impact via a combination of web development & programming, digital media, content, and building relationships. I understand the power of adding a human touch to even the most technological of projects; I’ve built many a successful relationship with clients and coworkers by using this strategy. In addition to tech, my previous three roles took me through the worlds of marketing, sales, consulting, and political campaign advocacy.

I have a passion for service. Before the current iteration of my career began, I served two years in the nation’s AmeriCorps program. During this time, I learned that showing up and being present matters just as much – if not more – than any money that one may or may not have to offer persons in need.

My passion for creating is also evident. I am currently working on getting my first book published, and have a website dedicated specifically to poems and essays that I have written. I am also in the process of building up a fashion critique website that I am excited to unveil to anyone that is invested in fashion and the arts.

Originally from the Atlanta area, I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA with my significant other, Ben. I enjoy traveling, food, going to punk shows (and sometimes moshing), and exploring the intersection of fashion and technology. I really want a bichon frise puppy, and will hopefully make that a reality sooner rather than later.